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Linda Kuhlmann’s career in theatre began in high school when she was asked to help with props and makeup for the production of South Pacific. She’s been in love with the theatre ever since. In a production of Funny Girl at Gallery Theatre, she acted in five different roles: Emma, Fanny’s maid, a dancer named Bubbles, a Keeney chorus girl, and a Ziegfeld girl. Since then, she has worked with sets and props in numerous plays, and was asked to be Assistant Director for a production of Little Women. She has written stage and screen plays and taught classes on adapting short stories to one-act plays. Her favorite one-act play is titled Last Treasure Hunt, which was inspired by her two great-aunts.


A Comedy in Two Acts
By Veronica Esagui and Linda Kuhlmann
Directed by Nancy McDonald


Watch an interview with Linda Kuhlmann and Veronica Esagui on Author's Forum with Karen Sorbel.

AGED TO PERFECTION - premieres as a bright, flamboyant comedy, where good wine is not the only thing that warms the heart and heats the blood.

Local playwrights Veronica Esagui and Linda Kuhlmann have successfully created a spunky play that will most likely touch your heart. Set in the midst of the Oregon wine country, the story is about Maggie Dubois, an ex-hippie who enjoyed the company of two men while attending Woodstock, and as a result of “free love” she still has no idea who her daughter’s father is.  At present, she and her dysfunctional family find themselves inheriting a rundown vineyard estate in the Willamette Valley, which includes three senior women, friends and housemates of the deceased. Upon the reading of the will, Maggie’s' family finds out that as long as the three old ladies are alive, they cannot be displaced and the estate cannot be sold.  How far will a loving, peaceful hippie go to bring her family together under one roof? Will the outstanding wine and special brownies become part of their daily diet?  These and so many other questions will be answered at the premiere reading of AGED TO PERFECTION.


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