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Linda Kuhlmann

Second Book in the
Koenig Triple Crown Series

From the Bluegrass hills of Kentucky to the excitement at Pimlico; from Europe to Oregon; the colorful saga of Koenig’s Spirit picks up where Koenig’s Wonder left off and weaves an intricate, mysterious tale of horseracing, love and shattered dreams.

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Koenig's Wonder
First Book in the
Koenig Triple Crown Series

Family secrets, intrigue, and murder!

The year is 1937 when two brothers are forced to leave their home in Germany. They arrive in New York City with only a white Lipizzan stallion and a stolen Friedrich painting. What happens next affects three generations of the Maseman family as they become torn apart by greed, war, and revenge.

Years later, Emma Maseman discovers the harsh truth about her family when she is investigated for the theft of Koenig's Wonder, a Kentucky Derby winning thoroughbred. As the mysteries unravel, Koenig's Wonder races toward the finish line in brilliant and thoroughly engrossing fashion.

Koenig's Wonder is a fictional portrayal of Linda Kuhlmann's family history that began when her great-grandfather and his brother came to America and were separated, never to meet again. Ms. Kuhlmann lives in Oregon with her husband. This is her first novel.

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The Red Boots

In the midst of a manhunt for a serial killer in Dublin, Shannon O’Toole, a young sculptor, is forced to confront her past.

Surrounded by the seamy side of gallery life, she is drawn to her estranged father in Oregon and finds that crime and violence have followed her. Unknowingly, she has attracted the Dublin serial killer and is at risk for herself and those around her.

The Red Boots



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Shameless Marketing for Writers

CONGRATULATIONS! You have a book to sell! Now what?

Getting known is the most important aspect of writing, and self-promotion is necessary, no matter which publisher you have. Shameless Marketing for Writers is a booklet to help you get out of the office and promote your book in today’s changing publishing world, whether through connecting with brick-and-mortar bookstores or online promotion. Now, more than ever, writers need to look outside the bookstore for sales opportunities.

Included are tips on getting your books on the shelves at bookstores, scheduling book-signing events at the most unexpected locations, and handling the ‘business’ side of writing. Samples of a sell sheet and press release are included, as well as other documents needed to get the word out.

Kindle version available at - $3.99
(Note: if you do not own a Kindle, you can still download this book and read it on your smartphone, tablet or computer using an free Kindle reading app. Click here to learn more.)




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